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Key Development

The Institute of Ocean Policy was founded on August 1st, 2017. It is the only higher education mechanism of Taiwan focused onocean policy. In the existing basic background of law, ocean technology, ocean affairs and humanistic society, students may strengthen professional training in ocean policy and ocean law in university education, so as to obtain competitive advantage in career development in both public and private sectors of the ocean industry.


Program Characteristics

Programs of the Institute offers four types of program-specific optional modules, including: ‘Use of Ocean Resource module group’, ‘Ocean Environment Protection module group’, ‘Use of Ocean Security module group’ and ‘Sovereignty and Sea Area module group’. Students may choose the area of ocean law and policy they wish to strengthen in according to acquired expertise during university studies and future career plan.


Email: sunny@mail.ntou.edu.tw
TEL:886-2-2462-2192 # 3601 
FAX: 886-2-2463-3997