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Program director

Name: Professor Rui-cheng, Rao

Specialty: Maritime Act, Convention on the International Maritime Organization, Insurance Company Act

Highest education: Juris Doctor, University of Manchester




I. Full-time teacher (including jointly appointed teachers of the University)


Level of Post


Specialty subject

Juei-cheng, Jao

Program director professor

Juris Doctor, University of Manchester

Maritime Act, Convention on the International Maritime Organization, Insurance Company Act

Pei-lun, Tsai

Assistant professor

Juris Doctor, University of Nottingham

International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law, International Law, Act on Refugees,
International Dispute Settlement

Huey-shian, Chung



PhD, Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security, University of Wollongong, Australia

Marine conservation governance, Marine policy, Law of the Sea, International Relations, International law, Political Science




Ming-hao, Yang

Assistant professor

(Kyoto University, Japan)

International Law, Law of the Sea, International Fisheries Management, Maritime Administrative Law, Marine Policy, Political Science, Selected Readings of Japanese Jurisprudence Administration Law

Yin-cheng, Hsu Assistant professor PhD in Law, University of Glasgow International Marine Policy, Law of the Sea, Public International Law, Law and Underwater Cultural Heritage, Comparative Law, Cultural Policy



II. Part-time teacher



Level of Post


Current post


Wen-yan, Qiu

Chair Professor

PhD City and Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania

Previous 8th National Non-Divisional Legislative Committee of the Legislative Yuan

Previous Deputy Minister of the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan

Marine Policy, Coastal Management, Wetland Conservation, Environmental Protection, City and Regional Planning, Underwater Cultural Asset Protection, Marine Resource Conservation Affairs of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Zhi-yi, Sha

Chair Professor

Master of Marine Affairs, University of Rhode Island

Previous Deputy Minister, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan

Aquatic Processing, Fisheries Management, International Negotiations, Marine Policy

Guo-yong, Xu

Professional and technical teacher of associate professor level

Juris Doctor, Institute of the Law of the Sea, National Taiwan Ocean University

Minister, Ministry of The Interior

International Law, International Marine Act, Maritime Act